Life of the (Tea) Party

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how the Tea Party movement supposedly isn’t pro-life, and the new wave of Republicans might ditch social issues. Don’t believe it.  The fact is that the new Republicans taking office this Wednesday are just as fervently pro-life as they are pro-economic reform, and are also more pro-life than the corporate Republican party has been. Of... More


No class: Carol Shea-Porter has yet to congratulate Frank Guinta on his win

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) lost re-election to CatholicVote-endorsed Frank Guinta 10 days ago. But she still hasn’t called Frank Guinta to congratulate him on his victory. We often hear people complain of a lack of civility in politics today. People repeatedly condemn the barrage of attack ads that dominate the television and radio airwaves. But after a tough and spirited campaign, we hav... More

Eliminate the possibility of a tie in the Electoral College

What a 269-269 tie would have looked like. Ever since the 23rd Amendment gave three electoral votes to the District of Columbia in 1963, the Electoral College has been fixed at 538 — thus making a 269-269 tie possible. The number of electoral votes is determined by adding the number of Senators (100) with the number of Representatives in the House (435) with the 3 electoral votes awarded to ... More


Waking up to the New Catholic Vote

Liberals are reading the same exit polls as we are, and it’s safe to say it has them spooked. Deal Hudson writes about the new emerging Catholic Vote: Pushed, in part, by concern about the health care bill, Catholic voters across the nation returned to the GOP in numbers resembling the presidential victory of George W. Bush in 2004. CNN exit polls record 55 percent of Catholics voted for the... More


What papists need to know about the election results, and the promising future

Papists, I’m proud of us. America now once again has a pro-life majority in the House of Representatives. Catholyc Nancy Pelosi, after a lame duck session, will no longer be Speaker of the House. Across the nation, pro-life, pro-marriage conservative candidates pulled off impressive victories. All told, Republicans picked up 60 seats in the House of Representatives, and 6 in the Senate. Many... More


It’s like a secular Ash Wednesday… And an abortion analogy.

Talk about two different types of thoughts packed into one post. The first is entirely silly and the second ought not be controversial (but, sadly, it is). Secular "ashes" The First: With everyone who did the responsible thing on this civic “holy” day sporting their “I voted” sticker, I can’t help but think of how all Catholics look after dutifully assisting... More

Red November Linkfest

It’s election day! Have you voted yet? Have you reminded your papist friends to do so as well? It’s a brisk morning here in Washington, DC. This evening will be stacked with election return-watching festivities, and today is packed with last-minute writing. Here are a handful of links I haven’t gotten a chance to post yet today, which have relevance to the topic of the Catholic V... More

5 Conclusions About the Catholic Vote

This November, like every election season, everyone is interested in the Catholic Vote, especially after a new poll came out which suggests the Democrats have lost 34 points of support among Catholics since 2008. Understanding the Catholic Vote can be daunting at first, but some insights are straightforward enough, such as the five points presented by Deal Hudson. Here’s my list of five: The... More

Departing Speaker Pelosi Hyperventilates

Soon-to-be ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to run through all the superlatives in the dictionary before tomorrow’s national rebuke of her agenda, including this gem: “Nothing less is at stake than civilization as we know it today.” If that’s how she chooses to describe the end of one of the most reckless Congresses in history – particularly by the sta... More




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