Reader: British monarch soon able to marry a Catholic, Pro-life group starts work after tragedy, Earth at 7 billion

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Two major changes are coming to the British throne. The one getting the most attention is that sons and daughters of British monarchs will have an equal right to the throne. If approved, a first-born girl would now precedence over a younger brother. The other change would repeal the Act of Settlement of 1701... More

Reclaiming Catholic Identity, England and Wales Bring Back Meatless Fridays

I’ve written before that I think a return to mandatory meatless Fridays is a great idea. The Catholic Church of England and Wales has officially returned to the practice: The practice of abstaining from eating meat on Fridays has returned to the Catholic Church in England and Wales after an absence of 27 years. … “Over the past 20 to 30 years we’ve perhaps lost touch with some of ... More

William and Kate and John Paul II, Too!!

Wednesday night in Oxford, England, Leonie Caldecott watched her play, The Quality of Mercy, debut on stage (all while working the sound!), as part of England’s sharing in Pope John Paul II’s beatification celebration. Yes, they found some oxygen there for something other than the royal nuptials! Caldecott’s play finds young Brits in Rome in 2005, as Pope John Paul II is nearing the end of h... More

The Pope’s Christmas present to England

Via the BBC (and some alert AmP readers): Pope Benedict has recorded a Christmas message especially for the UK, to be broadcast by the BBC on Christmas Eve. It will go out as the Thought For The Day on the Today programme on Radio 4. It is the first time that Pope Benedict has addressed a Christmas message especially for one of the countries he has visited during the year. The BBC’s David... More

Google UK: Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

Good on Google UK! And special blessings upon the people of Scotland for St. Andrew’s Day. Let us also take today to pray for the 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide – St. Andrew is their Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I’s patron saint – and for the ongoing efforts to unify the Western and Eastern Church. ...READ MORE... More

“Mary’s Ultrasound” ad campaign draws criticism from pro-aborts in UK

I’m thrilled to see this ad campaign and welcome all the controversy it is causing: An ecumenical nonprofit in England has come under fire for their upcoming Advent campaign designed to put Christ back into Christmas. Their crime? Creating billboards and posters that show a Baby Jesus as an ultrasound, with a halo. The ads, created by say: “He’s on His way. Christmas sta... More

HOLD ON: Did the UK papal visit team really “embarrass” the Church?

The UK Daily Mail has published an article today which I fear does a disservice to the UK Papal Visit Team. Here is the Daily Mail’s headline and lead: “The Pope star, headlining at a gig near you: Catholic bishops under fire for ‘cringe-making’ guide to the Papal visit Catholic bishops have likened the Pope to the headline act at a series of gigs in a ‘cringe-worthy’ ... More

Non-Catholic agrees, Pope Benedict being demonized by UK in advance of papal visit

Pope Benedict is facing a strong headwind in the United Kindgom as he prepares to visit the country beginning this Thursday, so it’s good to see at least one non-Catholic sticking up for the pope and calling out his fellow countrymen for their bigotry and hypocrisy: When Pope Benedict XVI touches down in Edinburgh next Thursday at the start of a four-day state visit to Britain, he may be... More



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