Reader: Dem says Obama would lose PA today, Cuccinelli to run for VA Gov, TPaw talks about his ‘whiff’

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Obama would lose Pennsylvania if the election were held today, says Paul Kanjorski.  Kanjorski is a Democrat from Scranton who lost his House seat in 2010. And by the way,’s PAC had something to do with that defeat.   Fred Barnes has a must-read art... More

Making Poverty More Expensive

Regressive taxation. That’s when the taxes the government levies disproportionately hit those with less money than those with more money. They sound like something only an out-of-touch, snooty, oligarchical, oppressive, “let-them-eat-cake” sort of government would do, no? Heh. If only. Taxes on gasoline are a prime example: everyone who pulls up to the pump pays the same amount o... More



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