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A rundown of the events of the past week or so: The Inspector General reported that, contra Eric Holder’s assertions, top Justice officials in Washington *did* have damning knowledge of Fast and Furious, the gun-walking scandal that has left at least one American law enforcement official, and hundreds of Mexicans, dead. Our ambassador to Libya, who was barely guarded, was murdered in Bengha... More

Pelosi’s latest self-inflicted wound, this time while “defending” Eric Holder

This woman seems not to have any shame. Nancy Pelosi today said that the investigation by Congress into the Department of Justice’s coverup of the Fast and Furious debacle was intended to prevent Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ from stopping the suppression of voter turnout in the upcoming election. Really, that’s her charge. It’s a fantastic charge that suffers mortal w... More

I hate our news cycles.

Syrians are rising up against their dictator and being shot down. Shouldn't that elbow out at least a little of the wall-to-wall Herman Cain coverage? Did you know that Herman Cain is facing accusations of sexual harassment from back when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association? If you don’t, welcome back from that black hole. Ever since this broke I wasn’t entirely ... More

The Constitution and the President’s DOMA Directive

President Obama’s newly announced policy regarding the Defense of Marriage Act has come in for some well deserved criticism.  Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that it does have a couple of beneficial, though surely unintended, side-effects.  Before going any further let me be clear on the following crucial points: the President is wrong about marriage, which really is a union of a ma... More

Defund the DOMA Deserters

Whether it was part of School House Rock or just a good government/civics class teacher I think we all learned somewhere along the line that our government has three branches. The legislative is empowered to formulate and pass laws. The executive signs acts into law and executes them. The judicial interprets whether the laws are consonant with the Constitution. That’s fairly standard, basic ... More



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