Not only *can* Catholics vote for Romney, but we *ought* to.

Romney has been endorsed by many pro-life activists and activist organizations. Right off the bat, let it be known that Mitt Romney was my fourth choice among the GOP primary candidates. Check my writing in this space from that time and you’ll see me talking up Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum, with barely a word in support of Romney. Since he won the nomination I’ve written a whole lot ... More

Catholic Church: Champion of Scientific Advance

Dr. Dan Kuebler, professor of biology here at Franciscan University of Steubenville, penned an article for National Catholic Register on the latest “breakthroughs” in embryonic stem cell research (ESC). Apparently some scientists published their research showing that they finally were able to get cloned human embryos to develop to the point where ESCs could actually be harvested. This ... More

No embryos were killed in the making of this skin gun.

Sci-fi is now. Spraying on skin. Stem cells are amazing things. A little living component of the human body that is basically a cellula rasa: It can become almost any type of cell it needs to become with the proper programming and encouragement. I don’t understand the biology of how stem cells work, but I don’t need to. What I do know is that when stem cells are taken from adults, amaz... More

Michael Kinsley needs a miracle

I don’t know much about Michael Kinsley, but I probably should. His opinion column (published in such outlets as Politico and the LA Times and titled “Don’t Let ‘Miracles’ Trump Science”) gives me a very poor first impression of him. Kinsley’s beef with the news that Pope John Paul II is to be beatified is that a) only one person has been certified to have... More



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