Offbeat: Rambo Priest has Communion desecrator pulled over

From DC Examiner’s “Stupid Crimes” column: God squad A Catholic priest denied a woman Holy Communion, then had a sheriff’s deputy pull her over. According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Jackie Trebesh and her 19-year-old daughter went to take Holy Communion, the priest turned them away and said he would explain his actions after the [Mass] ended. Trebesh decided no... More

Happy National Eucharist Day

The common victim for our secular eucharist Thanksgiving: the most Catholic of the national holidays that don’t coincide with an actual Catholic holiday. The reason is simple: everyone wants to be Catholic, whether they realize it or not. Here we are celebrating the day when our nation “gives thanks” for all the stuff we’re thankful for. We know we’re giving thanks fo... More

Cardinal-designate Burke on his reputation for outspoken orthodoxy

Vatican Radio has published an insightful short interview with Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke – who will be made a cardinal by Pope Benedict tomorrow in Rome: Cardinal-designate Burke has a reputation for being outspoken about the moral rectitude of the Catholic faithful and the clergy. McClure asked him if he ever feels discouraged because people “aren’t getting the message.&#... More



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