Of blind squirrels and nuts…

Kevorkian wouldn't like this ruling. …because the former still sometimes finds the latter. Today’s edition comes the UK Catholic Herald, which reports that Europe, who has been breeding herself out of existence (or rather, aborting and contracepting herself out of existence) and suffering from a cultural depression since World War I, might be waking up just a little. The Council of... More


Just In Time for Winter: German Village Rebuilds Snow Church! [Photos]

Washington, DC is enjoying mild temperatures right now but that’s sure to end soon. Meanwhile, in Germany, villagers have snow on the mind: Hotels and bars made out of ice have been common for a while — now a church is the latest project to get the cold treatment. In the Bavarian Forest, one congregation wants to build a place of worship out of 1,400 cubic meters of snow, just as thei... More

Bye-bye Berlusconi!

Today Silvio Berlusconi finally agreed to step-down as Prime Minister of Italy under certain conditions. Il Cavaliere (The Knight in Italian and how he is known in Italy) has been one of the longest-serving ministers in Italian history. His political gaffes and notorious womanizing have made headline news for at least a decade. The damage and setbacks he has caused Italy will need to be assess... More

[UPDATED WITH VIDEO]: “Occupy Rome” Destroys Statue of Mary

UPDATE – I posted a photo of this earlier (see below). But via MatthewJLB, here’s video of it actually happening: Taylor Marshall at Canterbury Tales spots this heartbreaking photo: Taylor accurately observes: At the recent economic “occupy” demonstration in Rome, the protesters decided to take their anger out on…our Blessed Mother! What?… Did the Virgin Mary... More

Google UK: Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

Good on Google UK! And special blessings upon the people of Scotland for St. Andrew’s Day. Let us also take today to pray for the 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide – St. Andrew is their Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I’s patron saint – and for the ongoing efforts to unify the Western and Eastern Church. ...READ MORE... More

Outrageous: Muslim man arrested for dancing on altar of Florence’s Basilica

This boils my blood. Apparently a Muslim man brought a boom-box to the Basilica of Florence, turned on Michael Jackson’s song “Bad”, and began dancing on the high altar. Here is the video. Details beyond this are sketchy, but one report I found in Italian mentioned something about the man praying in Arabic constantly after he was detained in a cell. I realize there is a possibil... More



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