The Matter Matters.

Ah, the Ascension of Our Lord into heaven. Think with me, for a moment, about the full import of this amazing event in world history. Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Trinity, God, came into the flesh. He lived among us, worked among us, loved and obeyed His mother and foster father, and made friends. He made things out of wood with his hands. He walked about and experienced the rain, the he... More

Unfortunately, Americans are evenly divided on morality of euthanasia

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. A fresh Gallup poll shows that Americans are evenly divided on the morality of physician-assisted suicide. According to the poll, 45% of Americans consider the practice “morally acceptable” while 48% considered it “morally wrong.” The poll comes just a day after news broke that the ... More

Life and Nihilism: A Tableau of Recent Headlines

Let’s weave a tapestry of rather significant recent goings-on in life issues and see where it takes us… 1) An End-Run at Death Panels Loops Back. At the start of January the White House took end-of-life counseling out of new Medicare rules, after it was re-included, after it was explicitly removed from Obamacare. In and of itself end-of-life planning isn’t a bad thing, but when t... More

Pro-Life New Year’s Resolutions: De-fund abortion, planned parenthood, remove “death panels”

These all sound good to me: When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, pro-life organization have one they definitely intend to keep: pressing for bills in Congress to de-fund abortion and Planned Parenthood. [Continue reading at LifeNews] And at the other end of life’s continuous spectrum: Leaders in the pro-life community are angrily responding to the news that the Obama administ... More


Pope on eve of elections: bishops and priests must encourage laity to vote against abortion (please circulate!)

Brazil is facing a historic election this weekend, but the advice Pope Benedict gave to the bishops of that country today also applies to us in the United States as we prepare to go to the polls next Tuesday – emphasis and bracketed comments are my own: Bishops must guide their faithful to use their vote to oppose efforts to legalize abortion and euthanasia, Pope Benedict XVI told bishops ... More

UK Sunday Show Guest Defends Murder of Suffering Children

File this under most shocking video of the day.  Maybe most shocking video of the year. During yesterday’s BBC Sunday Morning Live program presumably covering the subject of abortion/euthanasia and handicapped children with an on screen title “can abortion be a kindness,” The Independent columnist Virginia Ironside openly defends the murder of handicapped children as the compass... More

"Repeated Defiance of Rome: Cardinal Martini Defies Pope; Sabotages Church�s Teaching on Life"

LifeSiteNews: ROME, January 30, 2007 ( � The retired Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, has struck another subversive blow to the clearly defined teachings of the Catholic Church on life, reports Vatican expert Sandro Magister in the Italian journal Chiesa, who says “the real clash is between Martini and the Pope.” Just nine months previously, Martin... More



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