Facebook Status: Unfriendly

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. ~Albert Einstein 27 year old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrived in New York this week to promote Facebook’s record $10 billion initial public offering. The Facebook hype on Wall Street is tempered by an investigative report on WND.com which has uncovered countless child pornography images lurking in plain sight wi... More


Hating and Liking and Loving in the 21st Century

Hate isn’t what it used to be. But neither is “like” or “love.” I was greeted the other morning with news that I had a new twitter follower. The name was “I follow hate,” with the explanation “I like to follow people that follow hate groups. Jesus taught us to love, why do some people insist on using his name to justify hate?” Yikes, I thought: Did I inadvertently follow a hate g... More


American Papist Baby Photo!

Last week I promised my twitter followers: Today, Dimas Rodeela, a Spanish-speaking tweeter from Munich, Germany put me over the top! .. which means I have no choice but to honor my promise. So here you go: … as you can tell from the Vatican flag I am proudly grasping, I was a papist from early on. 😉 I have another fun photo to share once my AmP Facebook fanpage crosses the 7,000 fans ... More


Is Facebook Pro-Life? “I’m Expecting” Status Added For Parents!

Last week Facebook introduced an exciting new feature – expecting parents can add an unborn baby they are expecting to their family connections on Facebook! They can also add a photo, name, and due date for their not-yet-born child. Even more exciting was the reason why Facebook added this feature – because parents were already trying to figure out some way to share this type of good n... More

Hoopes Avoids the Reductio ad Teenagerum

I gotta hand it to my friend Hoopes. After a post over at NRO where he basically blamed Twitter and other social media for Anthony Weiner’s perversion, he came a long way to a rather good post on the potential pitfalls of social media as well as guidelines for responsible usage. None of which surprised me or put me off my consistent message. The most ironic part about it was how he first lam... More

The Pope’s Guide to Tweeting

Twitter and Facebook may be a godsend, helping us connect and deepen friendships that have been fractured by technology in the first place. Or they could be a tool of the devil turning us all into narcissistic self-promoters shouting at each other on multimedia platforms several times a day that we are the center of the universe. The Pope says Catholics are supposed to encourage Twitter and Facebo... More

In defense of our Greatest Twitter-ers.

My man Hoopes and I have had a little back and forth going (see here, here, and here) about the impact of modern communication methods on human interaction. His latest (the third “here” above) was a humorous attempt to channel some greats of American history and re-imagine what they might have tweeted at their greatest moments. Now it looks like John White is getting in on the luddite ... More



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