MN Catholic Conference Calls Out Fake “Catholics for Equality” Group

Minnesota will vote on the definition of marriage in November 2012. As a result, gay activists have been targeting religious communities in that state who oppose same-sex marriage and are trying to sow dissent there. It’s not surprising that a group of people who believe they can simply redefine what marriage is also thinks they can simply redefine what it means to be Catholic. At any rate, ... More

Update: Arch. of DC decries “Catholics for Equality”, says “not a Catholic organization”

Catholics For Equality – an organization I sounded the alarm about about last week – is hosting an event at Georgetown University tonight (which I will be attending). The Archdiocese of Washington has today responded to a false claim circulated by the Rainbow Sash Movement that this event is happening with the permission of the Archdiocese: The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has re... More

5 Conclusions About the Catholic Vote

This November, like every election season, everyone is interested in the Catholic Vote, especially after a new poll came out which suggests the Democrats have lost 34 points of support among Catholics since 2008. Understanding the Catholic Vote can be daunting at first, but some insights are straightforward enough, such as the five points presented by Deal Hudson. Here’s my list of five: The... More



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