Mom of the Year

Adrienne Ives refused to ignore her daughter's lawlessness. Just as Prime Minister David Cameron was promising to “restore a sense of morality and responsibility” following the recent riots in England, Adrienne Ives made a courageous phone call that proved that good parents – the tough love type – still exist across the pond. Mrs. Ives and her husband were watching news reports of the ... More


Rick Perry admits that he was wrong to mandate Gardasil vaccinations

In his first day on the campaign trail, Gov. Rick Perry does some good housecleaning, making amends in explaining his decision to mandate the vaccine Gardasil to 11-year old girls in Texas. As I said earlier, his executive order easily could have hurt him with Catholic and evangelical voters. When a voter in New Hampshire confronted Perry on this issue, he gave a great response: “I signed an ... More

Rick Perry’s Catholic problem

Perry spoke to pro-life Latinos in California Sunday. Conservatives have been complaining for months that the current crop of presidential aspirants just isn’t that inspiring and they’ve been begging for another candidate to enter the race. It now looks like Rick Perry is going to be that new candidate. Admittedly, the three-term governor of Texas would start with several strengths. R... More

Why we care about the Casey Anthony trial

In a scene eerily similar to those ugly Black Friday shopping stampedes, dozens of Floridians, including a wheelchair bound woman, made a mad dash to get tickets to the Casey Anthony murder trial.  Clearly, these kooky trial watchers are not alone in their fascination.  Every major network is devoting coveted time slots, and in some cases entire shows, to the play by play of the Caylee Anthony ... More

The Pope’s Prayer For Feb: Family

Forthwith: Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for February is: “That all may respect the family and recognise it for its unmatched contribution to the advancement of society”. His mission intention is: “That Christian communities may witness to the presence of Christ in serving those who suffer from disease in those mission territories where the fight against disease ... More

Change in passport language undermines mothers and fathers

To my four young children, I am proud to be known as “Daddy.” But if I took one of my children overseas, I would be “Parent Two” if a State Department proposal announced Dec. 22 had been left unaltered. On a busy travel day just before Christmas, the State Department issued a statement announcing its plan to rewrite passport applications for minors under 16. “The words in the old for... More


Video: Andrew Sullivan claims Jesus was “incredibly hostile” to family

As you know, I attended the “Catholic Family Conversation” hosted by the catholyc group “Catholics For Equality” at Georgetown University last week, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. After promising that the event would be streamed live on the internet, they later said video would be uploaded as soon as the event concluded. Now, almost a week later, there is st... More

Bad Apple: Company pulls pro-life, pro-marriage app from store

So much for (pro-life, pro-marriage) free speech for Apple users and customers: After some controversy and complaints, Apple has reportedly pulled an application from the iTunes App Store after claims it was anti-gay. Highlighted by The Huffington Post and others last week due to its reportedly objectionable content, the Manhattan Declaration iPhone application has been quietly removed sometime ... More

Washington Post spotlights father, businessman, and now: Congressman-Elect Bobby Schilling

In a story on the incoming freshman Congressmen, the Washington Post also that several new members have children under 18. (It’s not uncommon for Congressmen to have adult children, of course.) Hopefully this will make Congress more attentive to the needs of families. The Post noted that Rep.-Elect Bobby Schilling, who CatholicVote endorsed, has several school-age children: About nine in 10 ... More


The Moralities of House (3×21, "Family")

“Nothing like a dead patient to send you back to your choir boy roots.” – House to Foreman A few days late with this week’s House M.D. review. Sorry, some other topics crowded this one out! As I explained a couple weeks ago, I intend to write a short summary of the moral issues in House, M.D. for the remaining episodes in the season. Last week I did 3×20 “House T... More



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