Remembering my Father, Harry, 1934-1967

I was born at the end of the so-called “summer of love” on September 6, 1967, in the seemingly idyllic rural town of Great Bend, Kansas.  In actuality, there was probably next to no “summer of love” in west-central Kansas, as there were would have been next to no counter-cultural elements present to promoted such a well-themed summer.  If they had existed, the local farmers would probabl... More


Making Thanksgiving a way of Living

Hey, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it! Making Thanksgiving a way of living isn’t as hard as you might think. I understand that there is much to grumble about but, I want to write more on being grateful. God has a way of entering into our needs in a most generous and beautiful way when we first approach Him with praise and thanksgiving.  It is not hard to imagine how our God m... More

The Solemnity of the Trinity: THE Sign of Contradiction.

The solemnity of the Trinity. The Father, who eternally begets the Son, the love between them being so radical, intense, real, and self-giving, that it is the Holy Spirit. The fundamental truth of the Christian faith that the modern world must destroy. God is a family. God is a community of committed, mutual, radical, self-giving, life-creating love. God is love. God is self-gift. And all that is ... More



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