A not so happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. For most husbands, that means going to the opera with their wife, enjoying a round of golf with their son, or taking their daughter out to eat. But for many children, it can serve as a painful reminder that their father is either willfully absent or, by choice of their parents and with the approval of the state, that they live in a home with two moms. It is my contention t... More


On Ronald Reagan’s Catholic Father—and Your Thoughts

Last week I wrote a Father’s Day piece on the complicated case of Ronald Reagan’s father, Jack Reagan. The article was distributed to newspapers and websites around the country, and a bunch of them ran/posted it. I also did a shorter version for Catholic Exchange and EWTN/Ave Maria Radio, with the text and audio both available at Catholic Exchange. The Reagans from L to R: Father Jack, Br... More


Holy Fathers and the Trinity

As life here would have it, Fr. John Corapi has made it into the news for Father’s Day, because of his sins. But there is also a Church full of men who surrender their lives daily to be God, working to be good and faithful priests, and spiritual fathers and dads who helped get them where they are, pointing them upward, educating them, challenging them, and modeling holy manhood. I wrote about th... More


Father’s Day Top Ten

From Father Roger J. Landry: We can summarize the qualities of fatherhood that Jesus reveals to us from God in the father in the following ten points: First, the Father takes delight in his children. “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased,” God the Father thunders at Jesus’ baptism (Mt 3:17). Fathers must express their love for and joy in their children. This is the basic underpi... More



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