[UPDATED] Osama is dead, Al Qaeda is alive. Obama is a liar, Part III

[UPDATE 10-10-12 at 5:16 p.m.: Turns out part of my point is spot-on. A book about to be released by Mark Bowden that chronicles fairly in-depth details of the process within the Obama administration to hunt and get Osama corroborates my point that Obama hunted Osama as the sine qua non of foreign policy. Why did this article appear today and the book will be released soon? As  @bdomenech put it... More

100% of the news on 47% of the brain.

A rundown of the events of the past week or so: The Inspector General reported that, contra Eric Holder’s assertions, top Justice officials in Washington *did* have damning knowledge of Fast and Furious, the gun-walking scandal that has left at least one American law enforcement official, and hundreds of Mexicans, dead. Our ambassador to Libya, who was barely guarded, was murdered in Bengha... More

Is Laura Bush a feminist?

Sewall-Belmont House is a museum dedicated to advancing women and every year they honor a woman for that purpose.  Past recipients include Katie Couric, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  This year, the board picked former First Lady, Laura Bush, but feminists across the country are hopping mad and twenty-one of them sent a letter of protest to the current board.  One of the many prominent femi... More

State Department no longer tracking religious liberty in human rights reports

This is disturbing. And the timing couldn’t be more ominous, as we are already engaged in an epic battle with the Obama administration on religious liberty because of Obamacare. CNSNews.com broke the news: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton The U.S. State Department removed the sections covering religious freedom from the Country Reports on Human Rights that it released on May 24, three mo... More


The incoherence of Joe Biden on Obama foreign policy.

Our veep. Updated: I removed a mis-placed reference to Libya pending more information and augmented my critique of Obama’s handling of the killing of Osama. —————- I know, I know: it’s not a fair fight, really. Charity almost compels me not to write something that puts “incoherence” and “Joe Biden” in the same sentence. Almost, but... More

Rick Santorum lost me on Iran

As Thomas noted, Rick Santorum gave a great answer on abortion in last night’s debate. And I know that Kathryn and Thomas are rooting for Santorum in tomorrow’s Iowa Straw Poll. But his continued support for challenging Iran is a deal breaker for me. Let’s remember that every candidate on the stage in last night’s debate is pro-life. On marriage, only Ron Paul (in favor of ... More

Re: Who’s an Isolationist?

Former Ambassador Jon Huntsman Carson’s got a great write-up on Jonah Goldberg taking NPR’s Mira Liasson to task for her sloppy use of the word isolationism. As Carson notes, Goldberg regrettably criticized Patrick Buchanan unfairly. But all in all, good that Goldberg didn’t let just Liasson get away with using the term like that. It is true that Republican candidates are (finall... More

President Obama’s decision to declare war on Libya is unconstitutional, and also foolish

President Obama’s decision to declare war against Libya is as unconstitutional as it is strategically stupid.  It might also very well be immoral from the Augustinian and Thomistic traditions of just war. And, let me be blunt, the Obama administration has been a near total disaster from its opening moments–from its desire to nationalize the health care system to its absurd “cash... More


What a week.  Thanksgiving.  Korean peninsular envy.  WikiLeaks. By now, as the world is well aware, the website WikiLeaks released to major news agencies—and, really, though the stunning levelling of the web to everyone—a portion of nearly 250,000 diplomatic communiqués it obtained through gray channels. (more…) ...READ MORE... More



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