And When is Partisan Really Partisan?

Have you been called partisan recently? I think it happens to me about five times a day. Either in an e-mail, or a comment, or, worse, in an e-mail about my alleged partisanship which is sent to my boss… or to just random people at my work with important-sounding titles, people who could probably get me in trouble. I get called “partisan” a lot. Though I don’t like being labele... More

Infanticide advocate tells Catholics to stop abusing their religious freedom

Kudos to the Cardinal Newman Society. Yesterday, CNS blogger Matthew Archbold reported that Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics at Princeton, thinks Catholic hospitals and universities should close their doors if they don’t like the HHS mandate. Singer’s column, “The use and abuse of religious freedom,” is incredibly naïve for someone of his stature. But I guess that’s what life in ... More

A Real Scar & War

Some images should make an indelible mark. Don’t click on this link unless you’re prepared to keep this image with you. The photo is of Feng Jianmei and her dead child. She was reportedly taken from her home by government officials while her husband was at work and after they refused to pay fines, their child was killed on June 3. At a ceremony today in Washington at the Victims of Communis... More



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