Will the “Peoria Solution” Play? Why We Must Fight Against the Systematic Dismantling of Catholic Social Services

They have a saying in advertising which you may have heard, “Will it play in Peoria?” That question now confronts the Diocese of Peoria and Catholics everywhere when it was announced that Catholic Charities of Peoria, starting February 1st, will transfer most of its staff and all of its caseload of 330 children to a newly-created non-profit called “The Center For Youth and Family... More

Reader: IL dioceses drop suit and end foster care, Catholics must fight porn, Obama has turned his back on Catholics

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Another triumph for the aggressive secularist state: Catholic dioceses in IL drop lawsuit, will no longer provide foster care. http://cvote.to/8O Catholics have a duty to fight against pornography and its devastating spiritual and societal consequences, says family activist Patrick Trueman. http://cvote.to/8... More

Giving an award to a pro-abortion group is “the Christian thing to do” says Gov. Quinn

The Catholic bishops of Illinois condemned Gov. Pat Quinn, who professes to be Catholic, for agreeing to give an award to pro-abortion political group. In response to the criticism, Quinn doubled down. The Naperville Sun reports: Gov. Pat Quinn said Thursday he considers it “the proper, Christian thing to do” to present an abortion-rights group’s leadership award, sloughing off criticism f... More

Catholics were helping people long before the State of Illinois

As Thomas just noted, Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption and foster care fields. It is worth reminding everyone again that Catholics entered this field of charity long before the State of Illinois got involved. Then decades later politicians wanted to show how much they cared, so they spent our money to show voters that they were helping children. Boy, it made for great photo o... More



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