Book Review: Fr. Robert Sirico’s “Defending the Free Market”

It isn’t standard operating procedure for CV contributors to write book reviews. But when I was at the Acton Institute’s Acton University the other week, I managed to get a copy of Fr. Robert Sirico’s “Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy.” Fr. Sirico, for those who aren’t aware, is the president of the Acton Institute. While reading “Defendin... More

Can ‘Social Justice’ Be Saved?

There are folks fighting for the phrase “social justice” by seeking to serve those words with policies that make it a bit more authentic than it can sometimes be, and with some consistency. That’s what a project at the Acton Institute, PovertyCure, is about. I mention it in my syndicated column this week, and talked to Acton president Fr. Robert Sirico a bit more about it: What is PovertyCur... More

Fr. Robert Sirico offers some ideas for the Tea Party movement

Father Robert Sirico answers the critiques of liberal Christians like Jim Wallis who think members of the Tea Party are against all government involvement in economic matters. Wallis said that the Tea Party members were Libertarians who “believe in the myth of the sinless market.” Said Fr. Sirico: I have no doubt there are people on the fringes of the tea party movement who hate gove... More



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