I choose to eat Chick-fil-A. I choose not to drink Starbucks.

These guys really made out well yesterday. Mooooo. A little lunchtime quick post. I have not bought Starbucks coffee since they announced their overt, institutional support for legalizing “gay marriage” in the state of Washington.  It was a painless decision, really: the coffee is terribly over-roasted and not all that good. Sure, the nearest coffee shop to my office serves Starbucks,... More

Funny Math + Bad Bookkeeping= Bad Business

President Obama has offered a so-called compromise on the HHS Mandate. Instead of forcing Catholic institutions to pay for insurance that covers contraceptives, insurance providers will be forced to cover contraception. Yep, same situation, just a different way of keeping books on it. Hmmm, when Enron was exposed, we called it accounting fraud, among other things. Bernie Madoff’s investment ... More

Emily’s Right.

Emily Stimpson (whom I don’t think I know except through her writing) has an excellent post from earlier today. Basically, part of the problem we’re faced with in crises like the HHS mandate on contraception and attempts to redefine marriage is that the Catholic faithful hardly know the Church’s teachings and many of us have not been living them. Even those of us who are regular ... More

Daniel in the Lions’ Den: Progressives Come After Catholic Religious Liberty

Step out of your skin for a moment and imagine yourself to be a radical pro-abortion advocate. A pro-contraception zealot. A pro-embryonic stem cell research, pro-sterilization, pro-in vitro fertilization, pro-sexual liberationist activist. … what’s standing in your way? The GOP? Yes, but they’re awfully hard to take out. There’s lots of them holding elected offices across ... More

Obama 2012 Announces New Effort to Confuse, Er, *Court* Religious Voters

My my — this should be a hoot (via Politico): President Obama’s political team today will announce a new effort to court RELIGIOUS VOTERS in 2012. Democratic officials say they see an opening with Christians on immigration, the budget and other issues. Okay, let’s stop right there. Immigration was an issue Obama and the Democrats completely failed to do anything about in the fi... More



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