I choose to eat Chick-fil-A. I choose not to drink Starbucks.

These guys really made out well yesterday. Mooooo. A little lunchtime quick post. I have not bought Starbucks coffee since they announced their overt, institutional support for legalizing “gay marriage” in the state of Washington.  It was a painless decision, really: the coffee is terribly over-roasted and not all that good. Sure, the nearest coffee shop to my office serves Starbucks,... More

Three Reasons I Ate at Chick-Fil-A Yesterday.

In descending order of importance. These guys really made out well yesterday. Mooooo. 1) Freedom of conscience, expression. The reason Boston, Chicago, and possibly Philly have threatened to ban Chik-Fil-A is because the owner had the audacity to express a belief that they find unfashionable. Seems Chicago values, Boston values, and Philly values don’t include tolerance or freedom of express... More



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