Lessons from President Obama and a young fourth-century Roman girl.

Ironic that the second inaugural of President Barack Obama falls on the memorial of St. Agnes of Rome. Legend has it that when she was sent naked to the brothel, her hair miraculously grew long enough to cover her virginal body.Agnes was 12 years old when she was chosen to wed Procop, the son of the powerful prefect Sempronius. She refused, having pledged her life and her virginity to Christ. The ... More

Cardinal George Reflects on ‘Chicago Values’

Chicago’s native-born Archbishop Francis Cardinal George has employed his Cardinal’s Network email-blast to make some blistering comments related to the notion of some that city government can determine what constitutes ‘Chicago Values’. He follows that up with a fine discussion on marriage, excerpt: Recent comments by those who administer our city seem to assume that the c... More

Victory for First Amendment

A victory to be proud of and to find hope for our cause. This story is very good news. The First Amendment will be upheld and respected. Religious freedom will not be squashed. http://www.catholic.org/politics/story.php?id=44892 Although it does re-enforce the separation of state and church, it does not enforce, but rather protects separating individuals from their religion. This is what the curre... More

Being prohibited our religion and the free exercise thereof

The very first right this thing discusses reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof." “How is this different from Catholics participating in the health care plans at their non-Catholic employer that do cover contraception?!!? Aren’t they violating the same Catholic principle you’re saying the HHS Mandate wi... More

Daniel in the Lions’ Den: Progressives Come After Catholic Religious Liberty

Step out of your skin for a moment and imagine yourself to be a radical pro-abortion advocate. A pro-contraception zealot. A pro-embryonic stem cell research, pro-sterilization, pro-in vitro fertilization, pro-sexual liberationist activist. … what’s standing in your way? The GOP? Yes, but they’re awfully hard to take out. There’s lots of them holding elected offices across ... More

Obama 2012 Announces New Effort to Confuse, Er, *Court* Religious Voters

My my — this should be a hoot (via Politico): President Obama’s political team today will announce a new effort to court RELIGIOUS VOTERS in 2012. Democratic officials say they see an opening with Christians on immigration, the budget and other issues. Okay, let’s stop right there. Immigration was an issue Obama and the Democrats completely failed to do anything about in the fi... More



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