“A time for choosing.” So perfectly true, nearly 50 years later.

It’s a weekend. This is the fastest 27 minutes you will experience. Seriously: it flies by. If you have never watched/listened to Ronald Reagan’s 1964 GOP convention speech you absolutely must. If you have, do it again. Truly terrifying how much more accurate an assessment his speech is nearly 50 years later than it was even in its day. At that point, the most fearsome Socialist menace... More

What about Lebanon, Mr. President?

In his State of the Union Address last night President Obama said: Recent events have shown us that what sets us apart must not just be our power – it must be the purpose behind it.  In South Sudan – with our assistance – the people were finally able to vote for independence after years of war. Thousands lined up before dawn. People danced in the streets. One man who lost four of his brothe... More

Bravo, Orlando! TSA gets the boot from Central Fla. airport

Did you know that airports have the right to opt out of having the TSA do screening? They can hire a private firm to conduct the screening instead. Incoming House Transportation Chairman John Mica sent a letter to 165 airports  reminding them of that right. And that’s exactly Orlando Sanford International Airport has done. Orlando is in Mica’s district, by the way.) WDBO.com reports: ... More




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