Hope-n-Change v. “One-Term Proposition,” Part I: The Gas Commercial

This is the first in a series of posts evaluating President Barack Obama against his own statements. His recent whoppers on Benghazi and his “one-term proposition” comment made a more full review of his penchant for saying just any old thing almost a fun exercise (if it weren’t so depressing that a man in his position could combine such self-regard with such a dearth of self-know... More

Gas prices and popular (re)action

So, I’m sure everyone is noticing the rising gas prices that accompany summer and it got me to thinking: do they really need to be this high? See, I’ve read the articles [example] about Exxon Mobile (for instance) earning record profits, and I remain skeptical that they are passing those savings onto us. The question, however, is how to do something about it. I’ve received chain ... More



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