Just In Time for Winter: German Village Rebuilds Snow Church! [Photos]

Washington, DC is enjoying mild temperatures right now but that’s sure to end soon. Meanwhile, in Germany, villagers have snow on the mind: Hotels and bars made out of ice have been common for a while — now a church is the latest project to get the cold treatment. In the Bavarian Forest, one congregation wants to build a place of worship out of 1,400 cubic meters of snow, just as thei... More

Reader: Greek prez calls for referendum on debt plan, Gay activists boycott Chick-Fil-A, Two Gosnell workers plead guilty

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. There’s fury in Germany after George Papandreou, Greece’s President called upon the people of Greece to vote on the austerity package. Expect stocks worldwide to plummet. http://cvote.to/78 Echoing CV Blogger Mark Stricherz, Ramesh Ponnuru says the flat tax is fool’s gold. http://cvote.to/76 Gays... More

Spiritually Flattening, Irritatingly Ambivalent, and Drool-inducing

I’m pretty sure that if the music that Pope Benedict was subjected to in Germany were a moral agent, Christ would spew it from his mouth at the last judgment. (This is the opening of the Berlin Papal Mass from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.) Seriously. At least most of the bad music we’ve had in the past 40 years had a definite direction, took a stand (if heretical), was offensively committed ... More

German Website Offers “Rate-A-Priest” (and “Rate-A-Pope”)

The Catholic Church in Germany has been through a lot recently. A new website attempts to capitalize on the turmoil: You can rate your restaurant meal, your make-up, your teacher online and now in Germany your priest. Hirtenbarometer or the “shepherds’ barometer” is the first online platform where priests can be rated for their performance at church services, on projects for yo... More

German designs windows for Reims cathedral

This is a nice gesture on the part of both countries. For the 800th anniversary of the cathedral at Reims, France, six new windows designed by a German artist (I recommend going to that BBC link and watching the video) will be installed as some of the finishing touches of the massive rebuilding and restoration of the medieval structure. Twenty-five French kings were annointed there, one in the pre... More



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