Action: Thank Democrats Who Just Supported A Marriage Vote in Minnesota

As Josh already noted, defenders of marriage scored a big victory in Minnesota this weekend, when their State House voted to pass a bill already passed by their State Senate to allow Minnesotans to vote on the definition of marriage in 2012. Minnesota now joins Indiana, Maryland, Rhode Island and North Carolina which have seen progress made towards protecting marriage this year (pray that New York... More

Update 2: When it comes to saving embryos, Campbells Soul is mmm, mmm good! *Solae Too* (Pepsi, Kraft, & Nestle, not so much)

{This post has been updated with more info as well as email addresses & phone numbers. Update 2 – Solae has announced they have severed ties as well!} Yesterday I noticed some disturbing headlines such as “Company Uses Cells from Abortions to Test Artificial Flavors.” A pro-life group has called for a boycott of food companies that maintain a business relationship with the gu... More

Video: CatholicVote helps Abby Johnson expose Planned Parenthood

This afternoon our president Brian Burch notified our members (you get these emails, right?) that CatholicVote will once again be aiding the pro-life coalition efforts behind Abby Johnson is the former Planned Parenthood director from Texas who made national headlines when she experienced a pro-life conversion (if you haven’t read her book UnPlanned you shou... More

At the Gates: City of Chicago allows Gay Liberation Network to protest outside Cathedral on St. Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (a Catholic) signed a civil unions bill into law which gives same-sex couples all the legal privileges that married couples enjoy in that state. CatholicVote President Brian Burch explained a couple months ago how Gov. Quinn strong-armed the legislation through the lame duck session. Local gay activists do not see yesterday’s signing as the end of the... More

Preparing for the 2011 March for Life

This is my overview post of the March for Life 2011, live updates can be found at This year the annual March for Life will take place on January 24th, but as always, there are a host of other fine pro-life events taking place in coordination with the March itself. As usual, I will be doing my best to pop in and report on some of these events. I offer these (and others)... More

ReeL LovE ChallengE – $4,500+ in prizes!

The Ruth Institute (which promotes healthy marriages among young people) is challenging young adults (ages 18-24) to submit 30-second videos answering the question, “Is lifelong love possible?” They’re calling it the REEL LOVE CHALLENGE. Here’s Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse explaining the ground rules: Hurry – the contest closes February 1st, so ENTER NOW! Oh, and I pla... More

Action: Join my CA bus tour to defeat Barbara Boxer. 42 stops in 10 days!

Next Monday I’m going on a 10-day field trip which will take me over 2,500 miles across California, all for the purpose of defeating Barbara Boxer and encouraging Latinos to “vote their values” (pro-life, pro-marriage, etc) at the ballot box. This is a long post so I’ve divided it into two sections: 1) Why I oppose Barbara Boxer, and support Carly Fiorina -AND- 2) Informa... More

Video: The Dream 2010 (Watch/Share!)

The Catholic Vote team has been hard at work preparing for this day – the launch of our new website design, political endorsements page and now … the first installment in a series of videos to inspire political involvement and action in 2010! (Read the email notice our president Brian Burch just sent to the CatholicVote community here.) Please help us spread the word – “Li... More



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