The Wealthy Voters The Left Won’t Talk About

The debate over how to cut the costs of federal spending continues to roll along at a fever pitch in this year’s presidential debate. The plans for any of the candidates cost money, whether you want to implement ObamaCare or if you want to pay the up-front costs of Paul Ryan’s Social Security and Medicare reforms and move those systems into the 21st century. In light of all this, is it really ... More

Lefty Catholic at “Faith in Public Life” Fires First Salvos at Santorum, And Misses

Back in June I wrote The Catholic Case for Rick Santorum. Now that Santorum has registered a strong tied-for-first finish in Iowa and is the talk of the chattering classes, far-left Catholics have woken up and swooped in for the attack. The most notable example of this attempted theological assassination is by John Gehring of Faith in Public Life, who previously worked for Catholics in Alliance fo... More



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