Government can help with but cannot win the war on poverty

“If men were angels,” James Madison once wrote, “no government would be necessary.” Though published more than two centuries ago, Madison’s words have been proven true time and time again. Indeed, if we really were a society build on love and charity there would be little need for many government-run programs. Unfortunately, this is not the world we live in. To be sure, churches, non pr... More

Why I never play the lottery

Dan wrote today about the political manipulation of the poor. Well, no where is this more clear than in state-run lotteries. I never play because it’s a waste of money. And with five children, I don’t have money to burn. But some might argue that it’s fun to plunk down a buck or two even for that extremely remote chance of winning. State governments make millions off those irrat... More


Isn’t It Time We Asked: What Kind Of Government Do Catholics Want?

I think it’s fair to say that everyone is tired of election politics. The political process in America ensures this. For many months before the election, we are inundated with advertisements, we suffer through debates, we watch endless coverage of campaign stops and stump speeches, and with the addition of social media, we see endless posts and discussions about the election from family, fr... More

What if You DID Build it…AND had Help?

I’ve been watching the furor over President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comments with interest. As is often the case in political theater, I think both sides are overplaying their hands. Republicans are exploiting the President’s comments for all the political capital they’re worth, overlooking the nuance in the speech that would give context to the r... More

Private vs. Public. Not non-union vs. union.

[Update: I altered a paragraph at the bottom that flummoxed some people so grievously that they couldn’t find their way to addressing the actual point of the post.] My union friends. My friends-of-union friends. Those of you who do not wish to be my friend but who are upset about the what’s happening in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and now Ohio, regarding unions and collective bargaining... More

Making Poverty More Expensive: Your Government At Work

If I didn’t know better I’d think the government were intentionally trying to create an underclass of people entirely dependent on the government. For all the talk about how they’re all “fighting for the poor,” our elected and unelected officials have been doing quite a bit lately to make poverty far less affordable. Which was it that pushed you out onto the streets? ... More


What a week.  Thanksgiving.  Korean peninsular envy.  WikiLeaks. By now, as the world is well aware, the website WikiLeaks released to major news agencies—and, really, though the stunning levelling of the web to everyone—a portion of nearly 250,000 diplomatic communiqués it obtained through gray channels. (more…) ...READ MORE... More



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