Showing Gratitude for Leadership in the Battle for Religious Freedom

“Thank you.” Two very simple words that can mean so much. So in this fight for religious freedom, how about we show some gratitude? There are some names below of men and women who are do some overdue thanks. There are others — this is far from an all-inclusive list — but here is a start. And the gals at the end, do say: We notice the women who oppose the HHS Mandate, unlike much of... More

Making Thanksgiving a way of Living

Hey, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it! Making Thanksgiving a way of living isn’t as hard as you might think. I understand that there is much to grumble about but, I want to write more on being grateful. God has a way of entering into our needs in a most generous and beautiful way when we first approach Him with praise and thanksgiving.  It is not hard to imagine how our God m... More

Attitude of Gratitude

“You know Uncle Jim the differences in the two political parties in America could actually serve to compliment each other and lift up this country. Both parties are excellent at their gifts in serving this great nation. It is time for the bickering and hate to stop and get back to the work of fixing this country. The evil that plagues this nation is ingratitude. And I for one am going to spend t... More



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