Pro-Life Catholic Nurses in UK Win Right Not To Participate in Abortions

Good news out of Britain, via the UK Telegraph: Photo: www.Franciscan.eduThe case is believed to be the first in which the Equality Act has been used successfully to defend a “pro-life” position as a philosophical belief and could have implications for other Christian medical staff. The nurses, who are both from overseas and do not wish to be identified, were moved from their normal nursing d... More

A pleasantly surprising royal wedding, with amazing language and catechesis.

I had no intention of paying much attention to William and Catherine’s wedding. I knew I would watch a few of the clips online, but expected to see a whole lot of pageantry with very little substance. I happened upon a clip of the portion of the ceremony from the introduction by the dean of Westminster Abbey through the vows. I can no longer find that particular clip, but it begins at 11:50 ... More



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