How did Kyle Murphy Clark get past the Praetorian Guard?

<i>FACEPALM/UPDATE (10/29/12 5:35 p.m.): Goodness gracious, where did “Murphy” come from? The reporter’s name is Kyle Clark, not Kyle Murphy. Must not have had enough coffee before posting this on Saturday.</i> ———– Barack Obama hasn’t had an honest-to-goodness press conference with the White House press corps since April. Helen Thomas is... More

Stimulate the economy: buy another yacht!

Spotted on teh Twitters yesterday: Obama in Columbus: “You give a tax break to millionaires, what’s he going to do with it? You can only buy so many yachts.” — Alan Johnson (@ohioaj) September 17, 2012 It was supposed to be a laugh line, I assume. A real gotcha. Because Mitt Romney is rich and another tax break would mean he would have more disposable income, with which he wou... More

Reader: T-Paw endorses Mitt, Candidates to debate Social Security, and GOP hope to win 2 House seats

After a summer hiatus, the Lunchtime Reader is back. We’ll be assembling important stories to keep your eyes on. Election 2012 Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney for President. Political analyst Larry Sabato says that Pawlenty is unlikely to be Mitt’s running mate since they are both northern governors. Katrina Trinko of National R... More

POWER SHIFT: Transcending the planet as a species, leaving all sense behind.

C'mon, the smog in DC isn't *that* bad! [Update: If you agree with the people at Power Shift or are one of them, I encourage you to watch this video also, before you comment.] I’m not pointing and laughing at these people. Really, I’m not. The temptation is there, sure, but I’m not. I’m also not sharing this out of uncharity. If I were pointing and laughing at the... More



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