200 Newtown massacres, every day.

The horror felt is real, because the carnage of massacre was horrifying. Twenty young children, slain for no good reason. Adam Lanza just decided they were inconvenient to him. It was horribly wrong to do this. What Lanza did was wrong not because the parents of those children loved them and wanted them to remain alive. What Lanza did was wrong because each those children was an individual, uniqu... More

The White House’s Empty Gun Propaganda

It’s not that I think a national background check on gun purchases is a bad idea. Nor is that I think it’s really necessary to own a semi-automatic assault rifle or that the right to purchase one is intrinsic to the Second Amendment. I don’t think either of these things and based on that, I find the actual policy proposals of President Obama regarding guns to be fairly benign. What is troubl... More

Why Does Hollywood Get A Free Pass As Violence Escalates?

The movement for tougher gun laws has gained steam in the wake of Friday’s tragedy in Newton, CT. What’s also gotten attention is that the killer, Adam Lanza, apparently was very into violent video games. It begs the question of why the culture of violence in both the Hollywood and the gaming industry doesn’t come under the same scrutiny as the gun industry. I realize a lot of Americans—ev... More



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