The Infrastructure Of Health Care Deserves More Debate

To follow the media spin cycle in a presidential election can be enough to drive even the sanest person crazy, and given that I’m far from that, I generally keep it arm’s length. We’ve gone from last month, where it was said President Obama was an absolute shoo-in for re-election—in spite of the fact that average polling data amounted to little more than his lead moving two to four points.... More

Why Medicaid Must Be Run By The States

The selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan appears to have energized the Republican ticket politically and, as Mitt Romney had hoped, turned Wisconsin from a lean-Obama state, to a genuine toss-up. Whether the Romney-Ryan ticket retains this momentum and builds on it other states will depend in large part how the GOP handles questions regarding Ryan’s Medicare proposals. Structural change... More

Sorting Out Mixed Feelings On The Supreme Court’s Health Care Verdict

The political world is still blazing with reaction to the Supreme Court decision of Thursday upholding Obamacare, specifically the mandate that individuals purchase health insurance. I’ve got mixed emotions regarding the decision and the political fallout—which apparently makes me as out of place as I felt during the NBA playoffs when I had ambivalent feelings about LeBron James. Here are few ... More



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