Archbishop: The President Did Not Respond to Deep Moral Concerns

From Archbishop Gomez in Los Angeles: Statement on New Federal Rules Requiring Religious and other Employers to Provide Contraception in their Health Insurance Plans Archbishop José H. Gomez February 13, 2012 President Obama’s announcement on Friday concerning health care mandates is troubling and frustrating. Because unfortunately, he did not really respond to the deep moral concerns raised ... More

10 Ways the Obama Administration Has Alienated Catholics

“We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law,” Kansas City-Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann wrote in his letter to Sunday Mass congregations about the Obama administration’s health care mandate. “Our parents and grandparents did not come to these shores to help build America’s cities and towns, its infrastructure and institutions, its enterprise and culture, only to hav... More

On Obama’s Unwinnable Battle Against Religious Liberty

What a crazy week it has been, between the Obamacare/HHS mandate, over 150 bishops speaking out against it, and the battle between Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood. A great many people are visiting this site today because of my comments on the Komen situation — my most recent thoughts on that can be found here (ongoing updates can be found at my twitter page @AmericanPapist — the ... More

Obama vs. Religious Liberty: Important Neglected Thoughts and Mentions

I’ve been so caught up in covering the Obama/HHS mandate story (and updating this list with the latest bishops’ statements – now up to 140) that I haven’t had much time to reflect and present the picture I’m seeing unfold. Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, ironic considering his decision to attack religious liberty last week. Politico makes cl... More

Obama vs. Religious Liberty: 5 More Important Updates [Updated w/ Video]

Plenty happening on this story: 1) By my updated count, over 70% of bishops who head dioceses in the U.S. have spoken out against the mandate (131 of 184). I think we’ll pass 75% this weekend easily as more and more bishops join the movement. 2) CNSNews reports that White House press secretary Jay Carney claimed there was “no constitutional rights issue” when questioned about the... More

[Updated] Bishops React to The Onerous Mandate: “The Bell is Tolling”, “Pray to St. Michael” and “To Hell With You!”

Bishops across America are raising their voices against the onerous mandate issued by the Obama Administration through Kathleen Sebelius at HHS commanding Catholics to subsidize contraception, sterilization and abortifacient pills. UPDATE: thank you to everyone who has sent me more statements by bishops reacting to this news. They are included here. Bishop James Conley of Denver: Let’s be clear... More

Why It’s Time for Jon O’Brien And Others to Drop the Conscience Canard (or Buy Me a Big Mac)

“Tolerance is not a Christian virtue.” This is probably one of my favorite phrases of Arcbishop Chaput. Here’s the phrase in its original context: “We need to remember that tolerance is not a Christian virtue. Charity, justice, mercy, prudence, honesty — these are Christian virtues. And obviously, in a diverse community, tolerance is an important working principle. B... More

Some Liberal Catholics Scramble to Justify Obama Decision to Force Catholics to Violate Their Conscience

Obama and the Democrats are intent on creating a society where pregnancy is treated as a disease that must be “prevented” by contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacient drugs. This prevention must be paid for by all taxpayers, including the employers affiliated with the largest identifiable organization opposed to these unethical “preventions”: The Catholic Church. If w... More

Newly-Released Documents Show DOJ Knew Stupak Agreement Was a Sham

Efforts by the watchdog group Judicial Watch to demand that Justice Elena Kagan recuse herself when Obamacare is brought before the Supreme Court later this year resulted in the release of emails between Kagan (back when she was Solicitor General) and a top Department of Justice official which, unsurprisingly, confirm what pro-lifers have been saying all along about the phony agreement. Namely, th... More

Important pro-life vote Thursday!

Your representative is set to vote this Thursday on legislation that would insure that taxpayer funds are never used to fund any abortions or provide abortion coverage under President Obama’s new health care law. The bill titled the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358) would specifically prohibit funding for abortion or abortion coverage in the government related exchanges, community health centers... More



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