Holy Song for Thanksgiving

Since we are close to Thanksgiving Day, here is a my version of a Holy Song of Thanksgiving. I wrote this little poem today. The title is borrowed from my favorite Beethoven string quartet in A minor, No. 15. (The third movement to be precise called Heiliger Dankgesang or as known in English Holy Song of Thanksgiving by a Convalescent to the Divinity). Beethoven composed this piece after recove... More

It’s NOT called, “Atheists Are Dumb: The U.S. Government Declares Christianity the State Religion Blvd.”

First a California school district chucks $45,000 rather than allow a few Bible verses on brick pavers.  Now we find out that a local community isn’t allowed to use the word “heaven” in a public memorial to fallen heroes. Brooklyn citizens, through their elected representatives, approved the change of a street name to “Seven in Heaven Way.” The street runs past the f... More



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