Abortion-Inducing Drugs vs. Insulin: The Lack of Justice in the HHS Mandate

The following is a guest post by John Kennedy, CEO of Autocam. Kennedy is the business owner that filed suit last week, through our Legal Defense Fund, against Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services to oppose the HHS Mandate. You can read more about the lawsuit here: CatholicVote.org/Freedom Are abortion-inducing drugs or insulin more important? That’s a question I hav... More

Sorting Out Mixed Feelings On The Supreme Court’s Health Care Verdict

The political world is still blazing with reaction to the Supreme Court decision of Thursday upholding Obamacare, specifically the mandate that individuals purchase health insurance. I’ve got mixed emotions regarding the decision and the political fallout—which apparently makes me as out of place as I felt during the NBA playoffs when I had ambivalent feelings about LeBron James. Here are few ... More



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