UPDATED – Hey CHA: Catholics who run non-religious businesses are people, too.

Sister Carol Keehan utterly, tragically misses the point. With analysis by CV blogger Matt Bowman the Cardinal Newman Society reports that the Catholic Health Association and its leader, Sister Carol, have proposed that the HHS mandate be expanded to exempt religious institutions according to the same criteria that the IRS uses for religious tax exemptions. CNS gets into reasons why this is still ... More

Obama pulls out the “But I’ve got friends who are Catholic” defense

It’s a variation of the “I’m not racist, I’ve got black friends” line. You know: it’s supposed to be some sort of “amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice,” or something. And it has been totally Derbyshired (or “Derbed” for short). Anyhow, that’s essentially what the President has been saying lately. Se... More

Religious Liberty: Notre Dame, OSV, and 41 Others Sue

UPDATE: Father Z has a roundup of those filing suit, by the Federal District they filed in, I believe: 1. D.D.C. Lawsuit o Archdiocese of Washington o Consortium of Catholic Academies o Archbishop Carroll High School o Catholic Charities of D.C. o The Catholic University of America 2. E.D.N.Y. Lawsuit o Diocese of Rockville Centre o Catholic Health Services of Long Island o Catholic Charities of R... More


No, you can’t keep it: Franciscan University drops student coverage.

Author’s note: After a discussion in the comments and investigation on my part I have added a postscript clarifying something that may have been inaccurate but was not. Cheers. ———- “If you like your health care coverage you can keep it. ” In various phrasings this was one of the more oft-repeated reasons  we were given to support, or at least not to oppose, Ob... More

Obama & the Catholics

He’s taking a hit. According to the latest Pew poll, the president is down eight percentage points with Catholics. As he should be. Among other things, the HHS Mandate affects the Catholic business owner, as much as a cardinal with charge of a chancery building or a religious sister working at a Catholic school. (A point the bishops have been clarifying in point out.) According to the poll, Mi... More

Fr. Flanagan Wouldn’t Qualify Either

One of the more disturbing aspects of this HHS mandate is knowing the degree to which our nation has profited from Catholics only now to have our consciences treated so shabbily. As an example I give you the life of Fr. Edward J. Flanagan, the founder of Boys Town, and whose cause has recently opened. Many may remember the 1938 movie about the straight-talking priest played by Spenser Tracy, who w... More


Archbishop Chaput Takes on the Conventional Narrative

From an interview he did with me on religious liberty in America and his new e-book on the same: LOPEZ: What about the fact that so many Catholics — however many — use contraception and are advocates of legal abortion in their political lives? CHAPUT: That’s the wrong question. Plenty of self-described Catholics also commit adultery and cheat on their taxes. That doesn’t make them... More

Contraception Opposed Me First

Did the Pill create Generation Unwanted? I opposed contraception at age 16 for reasons unrelated to the reasons I am against it now. I wasn’t yet against contraception because of faith in God’s providence, or fidelity to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, or out of sheer horror at the culture of divorce that contraception has fueled. I opposed contraception because contraception op... More

Our Civic Duty

I encourage everyone who ever happens upon this website (it is safe to assume you have some interest in Catholicism and/or voting) to be sure and read James Taranto’s interview piece with Timothy Cardinal Dolan today in the Wall Street Journal. The cardinal points to a real challenge we lay Catholics have to take very seriously. From the Taranto piece: American Catholics have in fact become ... More

The American Prejudice and Catholic Freedom

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please join me in welcoming guest blogger Omar Gutierrez to the CV Blog. In 1949 Paul Blanshard published American Freedom and Catholic Power. Its popularity in the U.S. re-opened a foul-smelling wound that our nation had seen many times before. Namely, Americans don’t trust Catholics to be Americans first and Catholics second. The book, based on articles which Blanshard had... More




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