Stopping The Political Manipulation Of The Poor

Pope Benedict XVI stepped out with a radical, controversial initiative yesterday—the pope issued a directive saying that Catholic charitable institutions have to be…well, you know…Catholic. As in the Gospel mandate to feed the poor and clothe the hungry isn’t supposed to be used a pretext for shoving abortion, contraception and anti-Catholic teachings down the throats of those who need hel... More

Obama: Debating is hard. Like governing, apparently.

When I saw this in my Twitter feed my first thought was that Charlie had written on one of those satirical pieces in The Onion that strikes extremely close to home. *New Video* Obama: I’m still trying to get the hang of this debating thing — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) October 17, 2012 But no: Obama really did say he’s still trying to g... More

The Future Of Africa & Its Implications For The United States

Hillary Clinton's African tour has already left China in a bit of a snit. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the midst of a six-nation tour through Africa and she’s already raised the hackles of China simply by saying that the United States was offering “model of sustainable partnership that adds value rather than extracts it. That’s America’s commitment to Africa.” Th... More

101 Today

That is how old Mother Teresa of Calcutta — Blessed Teresa — would be today if she were alive. On the anniversary of her death, events this week make her speech at the National Prayer Breakfast all too essential to reread. Moral courage and clarity in the face of great evil. Before Bill and Hillary Clinton and everyone, she said: I can never forget the experience I had in visiting a h... More



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