Remembering my Father, Harry, 1934-1967

I was born at the end of the so-called “summer of love” on September 6, 1967, in the seemingly idyllic rural town of Great Bend, Kansas.  In actuality, there was probably next to no “summer of love” in west-central Kansas, as there were would have been next to no counter-cultural elements present to promoted such a well-themed summer.  If they had existed, the local farmers would probabl... More


Powerful Video: Hitler and America’s Abortion Holocaust

When was the last time you watched a 30 minute video on YouTube? For me, I can’t even remember. So when I hit “play” on this video I thought I would give it a few minutes and move on. I didn’t. I watched it until the end in one sitting. Now, it’s not perfect, but it reveals some things stunningly well: first, that many people’s views on the question of abortion ... More

An anti-Catholic cartoon from 1871

Memory is an essential virtue in a democracy. Melissa and L. Martin Nussbaum remind us of the deep anti-Catholic undercurrent in American society, visible in one particularly-memorable political cartoon: The cartoon below appeared, with an accompanying article, in Harper’s magazine. The article is entitled “The Priests and the Children.” The cartoon shows a group of children huddled behin... More


Historical Irony #1

I am currently taking a course in American Catholicism as part of my Masters program at the University of St. Thomas-Houston. The course has been one of my favorites thus far. There are many interesting lessons to be learned from studying Catholicism in America and I hope more Catholic colleges integrate courses in American Catholicism into their curriculum ( I say this selfishly since I would lo... More



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