Powerful Video: Robert Downey Jr. Asks Hollywood to Forgive Mel Gibson

I posted this video to AmP Facebook and Twitter last night and it drew a strong positive response: “Hugging the cactus” — now that’s a powerful image. I think you can figure out the backstory. Frank Weathers discusses it. Evidently the event organizers had no idea that Robert Downey Jr. had this planned. They chose Mel Gibson to introduce Downey because they were “co... More

White Sox manager blast actor Sean Penn for praising Marxist leader Hugo Chavez

Ozzie Guillen is a passionate manager of the Chicago White Sox. And he brought that fiery passion to Twitter, blasting actor Sean Penn for writing an op-ed in praise of Venezuela’s Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez. Writing in the Huffington Post, Penn had said that it was a “defamation” to refer to Chavez as a dictator. “This is not a dictator supported by the wealthy classes, ... More

Actor Hugh Grant praises British assisted-suicide advocate

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Hugh Grant and Ann McPherson This past week long-time assisted-suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian died in Detroit. On the other side of the pond, another assisted-suicide advocate also died. Ann McPherson founded Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying to promote assisted-suicide in Britain. Thankfully, th... More

Blessed Is the Tiger Blooded, for He Shall be on Today Today and Tomorrow

As Charlie Sheen nears his millionth follower on his newly opened Twitter account, this is worth a read: While covering the Sermon on the Mount, I had students read the Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew and then create a list of “Modern Beatitudes.” I told students to imagine the perspective of, for example, the head of MTV or the publisher of a popular magazine. From that perspect... More

The Coat Hanger in the House

House, M.D., that is. Lisa Edelstein, co-star of the Fox medical drama, is starring in a new MoveOn ad, attacking House Republicans. During the commercial, Edelstein narrates: Decades ago, women suffered through horrifying back alley abortions. Or, they used dangerous methods when they had no other recourse. So when the Republican Party launched an all out assault on women’s health, pushing bill... More


On Chocolate Hearts & Charlie Sheen

My friend Fr. Raymond de Souza in Toronto writes in the National Post there: I rather doubt Pope Benedict XVI follows [Charlie] Sheen, but the actor may recognize himself in what Benedict had to say in his latest book, Light of the World. Commenting on the terrible scourge of drugs and the sex trade, he said: “You see, man strives for eternal joy; he would like pleasure in the extreme, would lik... More

Conan and Health Care

On a quick note to everyone, welcome to the new blog! I haven’t had a chance to post yet b/c I got married on Jan 2 and was honeymooning in a rather chilly but happy Disney World when we launched and while I love you all and I like blogging, I don’t love you enough to blog on my honeymoon. Any complaints may be addressed to the new Mrs. 😉 Anyway, the big news of the week has been NB... More




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