Mr. President, we will forever be haunted by the atrocities we perpetuate.

The site of the modern-day holocaust: Mother's womb. President Obama spoke at the National Holocaust Museum in D.C. today on a new executive order that empowers executive branch agencies to crack down on technology companies who enable bad guy regimes to crack down on dissidents and restive populations. Let’s set aside for a moment the chilling implications of that sort of thing being tu... More

Subsidizing Selfishness, Societal Collapse, and Modern Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide was not prescribed by the government. Now our genocide is. Following up on Patrick’s post of earlier today, and this is a series of extra thoughts to develop and re-emphasize his point, the Administration has, in effect, declared human life a disease, or at the least has ordered us all to subsidize selfishness and modern genocide. Think: ​Women’s Health™​​ tell... More



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