NCR Editors Scandalously Wrong on Women’s Ordination; Father simply uses his thumb.

Just to keep you smiling as you read what follows, I’ll start off with a couple short clips that pretty much encapsulate the problems. You can skip them, but they’re short and I think worth it: and Okay, smile firmly in place, the editors at the National Catholic Reporter issued this amazingly daft bit of theologizing. They are just madder than a cut snake and have some venom to spit... More

God Bless Norma Jean Coon: A Prodigal Daughter

Examples of humility and legitimate public repentance do present themselves often enough. Partly because our culture of the sensual-erotic and sensationalistic wishes us to look at Lady Gaga more than Mother Theresa. Partly also by definition: it cuts against what it means to be humble to promote one’s own self-humbling. Are those vessels glass and clay?! Good thing it's just bread and ... More



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