Catholics were helping people long before the State of Illinois

As Thomas just noted, Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption and foster care fields. It is worth reminding everyone again that Catholics entered this field of charity long before the State of Illinois got involved. Then decades later politicians wanted to show how much they cared, so they spent our money to show voters that they were helping children. Boy, it made for great photo o... More

Update: *Buy* from Cupcakery investigated for turning down “Coming Out Day” order

Update: If you want to support this Cupcakery, buy from them and tell them so! Original post: the national obsession with cupcakes has entered a strange new episode: Officials in Indianapolis are turning up the heat on a bakery that refused to take an order from a student group seeking rainbow-colored cupcakes for next month’s National Coming Out Day. A spokesman for Indianapolis Mayor Gre... More

Meet the latest Catholyc astroturf group: “Catholics for Equality”

This week the Democrats attempted to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy (DADT allows gays to serve in the military) by combining it with the Defense Reauthorization bill. (They also tried to make military hospitals perform abortions, but that’s a separate issue.) Anyway, the Democrats failed on both counts. Trying to help them along the way, ho... More

Amato gets feisty (+commentary)

Update 3: So does LifeSiteNews.Update 2: CWNews has coverage. Sure, the Reuters reporting is slanted, but reading between the lines you can pick up that Amato wasn’t pulling any punches. Good for him. VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican’s second-highest ranking doctrinal official on Monday forcefully branded homosexual marriage an evil and denounced abortion and euthanasia as f... More



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