Archbishop Wenski’s words made true by gay writer who viciously attacks him for defending reality of marriage

Some of the most vicious attacks I’ve read against the Church are normally written by people who understand the Church the least. Brandon K Thorp’s screed against Archbishop Thomas Wenski in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times is a sad example of this phenomenon. Here’s the quote from Abp Wenski’s weekend editorial in the Sun Sentinel (“Traditional Marriage Predates All ... More

LGBT-funded poll falsely claims that most Catholics support same-sex marriage

Last week I began to expose the coordinated efforts of well-funded gay-rights groups to subvert the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and marriage by funding groups, including “Catholic” groups, whose sole purpose is to change our minds about these issues. In that post I focused on a single organization – Arcus (Latin for “rainbow”) – which alone has cont... More

Exclusive: Who is funding the coordinated attempt to subvert the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and marriage?

Pro-gay-marriage billionaires and foundations are behind an organized effort to sow dissent and confusion among Catholics on the issues of homosexuality, marriage and family. And the first step to stopping them is knowing what we’re up against. First, the background: A few days ago, Donald Cardinal Wuerl – Archbishop of Washington DC and Chairman of the US Bishops’ Committee on ... More

Update: Gay & Lesbian Fundraiser at Catholic Parish in MN *CANCELED*

I have it on good authority that the Gay & Lesbian fundraiser at St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Minneapolis which I drew attention to earlier today will not take place. This is excellent news –  an excellent first step. The concerns I raised about the serial offenses committed by Fr. Leo Tibesar must still be resolved, however, so I will continue to follow this story. I’m sure we h... More

Dissent: Catholic Parish in Minneapolis to host Gay & Lesbian fundraiser with “same-sex marriage activist” pastor

UPDATE: I have been informed that the Archdiocese of St. Paul – Minneapolis has just now been informed of this. They are looking into it now. Please prayerfully support them as they pursue a pastoral solution. UPDATE 2: Gay & Lesbian Fundraiser at Catholic Parish in MN *CANCELED* ORIGINAL POST: Why is a Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis hosting a Gay &... More

Maureen Dowd: Confession app pushes guilt on gays, lets priests off the hook

Maureen Dowd, in her column last week, tried to sneak in a veiled claim that the iPhone Confession preparation app winks at homosexuality in the priesthood: Under the Sixth Commandment, men and women are asked: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?” Priests, however, are not. They are asked if they flirt. Gay bloggers have been up in arms about this app because they claim it “... More

Catholic diocese begins 12-step program for people with same-sex attraction

Debates about homosexuality often include the claim that those who experience same-sex attraction are underserved in the community. What you almost never will see, however, is people noting that the homosexual agenda further marginalizes people who experience SSA but who wish to live chastely. The majority of individuals who experience SSA but choose to lead chaste lives do not seek public attenti... More


Change in passport language undermines mothers and fathers

To my four young children, I am proud to be known as “Daddy.” But if I took one of my children overseas, I would be “Parent Two” if a State Department proposal announced Dec. 22 had been left unaltered. On a busy travel day just before Christmas, the State Department issued a statement announcing its plan to rewrite passport applications for minors under 16. “The words in the old for... More


This Christmas, let’s reclaim the Rainbow

In America, we’ve become accustomed to the idea that the rainbow is a symbol for “gay pride.” In Europe and other places, however, the rainbow symbolizes peace. This Christmas, when we celebrate the peace that Christ brings to the world, let’s begin to take back the rainbow. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse has already started: An activist fighting for traditional marriage in Cal... More

Abp. Broglio: The Chaplains’ Brave General

Archbishop Timothy Broglio doesn’t have many friends these days, or at least not many vocal ones. As the Archbishop of the Military Services, Abp. Broglio has been waging a one-man battle against the efforts to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). For this impudence, he has been labelled “an embarrassment” by Michael Winters at NCReporter. Others have said his argum... More



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