The Top 10 Reasons for Hope (in 2012)

What would you celebrate from the past year? Despite the obvious setbacks and tragedies from this past year, there are many reasons to have hope. No matter what happens, our hope is always in Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. But we also think it’s important to mark the signs of hope, and the work of the Catholics and the Church in our world. That’s why for the last four years, we’ve... More


The Assumption of Mary: Hope Over Fear.

Because she suffered much, while trusting implicitly, she was rewarded with the full flowering of redemption that God desires for all mankind. “Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” (Luke 1:45) A poor peasant girl in a backwater village of a conquered people on the fringe of the Roman Empire doesn’t seem like the most likely can... More


And Now for Something Completely Different: Christians Building in Northern Iraq

Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, and now Jordan are in tumult. The ancient Chaldean and Coptic Christian communities are on pins and needles. Priests and prominent Christian politicians have been murdered. There have been bombings at churches in Baghdad and Alexandria. Kurdistan is divided among several countries but largely retains its own national identity. But the Christian community in the Iraq portio... More

Pope Benedict on What CatholicVote Is

Reading through Pope Benedict’s book-length interview Light of the World a couple weeks ago, one of the pope’s responses jumped off the page at me [underlining mine]: Interviewer: A “culture of doubt” is very much in these days, and it has found a comfortable nest even in media outlets associated with the Church. In many cases, editors simply take over uncritically the slogans c... More

CatholicVote’s Top 10 Reasons for Hope

I’ve been given the privilege of announcing CatholicVote’s Top 10 Reasons for Hope in 2010. To quote from our intro: “Our true hope, of course, is in Christ alone. But we live in a world of events, people, and stories that manifest this hope. CatholicVote’s list is made up of news events, people, or significant developments that inspired us from this past year.” We... More




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