HuffPo gets its money from somewhere, ya know…

So the author now says his awful anti-Catholic screed was satire. Pfft. Believe that and I’ve got a bridge to sell you. A number of conservative and Catholic lay leaders, CV president Brian Burch among them, sent a letter to Arianna Huffington, founder and editor in chief of the creatively named Huffington Post excoriating the media mogul and demanding that she remove the offending piece and... More

Men Like Helen Wage War on Women?

Gotta love The Huffington Post’s attack on the bishops’ pro-life work — “The Men Behind The War On Women” — on the Hill ignores names like Susan (Wills) and Deidre (McQuade) who have been a key part of the team for years. Along with other familiar female faces like George Mason University law professor Helen Alvaré, who was spokeswoman during some key fights and remains a fr... More

Obama Faith-Based Appointee Frets: Bishops Trying to “Impose Catholic Dogma on All U.S. Citizens”

There’s crazy …there’s nuts …and then there’s Huffington Post op-eds. What’s worse is that this particular example of Catholic-derangement syndrome, courtesy of the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, comes from a self-proclaimed “spiritual activist, pastor and lesbian” who was appointed by President Obama in 2011 to his White House Council on Faith Based and Nei... More



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