Hugo Chavez, ¡El Presidente para siempre!… oh wait, I meant Barack Obama.

¡Amigos para siempre! (Means you'll always be my friend.) [Thanks to Don Shaolin in the comments for the assistance with my Spanish.] ——- As predictable as Michelle Bachmann introducing a complete Obamacare repeal, über-liberal representative José Serrano of New York introduced a repeal of the 22nd Amendment, the one that instituted presidential term limits. Now, to be sure, ... More

Everything in your country stinks? A suggestion: don’t be autocratic socialists.

When a “revolution” has continued for more than 50 years and all that has resulted is greater stagnation and a crumbling infrastructure one might be tempted to rethink one’s model. Not if you’re the Castro boys. They, instead, look for another, wealthier, nation to suck up to and live off of. For the past 10+ years that nation has been Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Now tha... More

White Sox manager blast actor Sean Penn for praising Marxist leader Hugo Chavez

Ozzie Guillen is a passionate manager of the Chicago White Sox. And he brought that fiery passion to Twitter, blasting actor Sean Penn for writing an op-ed in praise of Venezuela’s Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez. Writing in the Huffington Post, Penn had said that it was a “defamation” to refer to Chavez as a dictator. “This is not a dictator supported by the wealthy classes, ... More



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