Governor Pat Quinn Has Face-to-Face with Cardinal George to discuss “Faith, Conscience, Common Good”

The Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn met with Cardinal Francis George and other area Catholic leaders today to try to clear the air after some recent public disagreements. Quinn, a practicing Catholic, met privately with George and bishops at the Union League Club in the Loop. With reporters waiting outside two of the doors to the club, the governor quickly ducked into a car at a third entrance wit... More

Reader: Dem says Obama would lose PA today, Cuccinelli to run for VA Gov, TPaw talks about his ‘whiff’

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Obama would lose Pennsylvania if the election were held today, says Paul Kanjorski.  Kanjorski is a Democrat from Scranton who lost his House seat in 2010. And by the way,’s PAC had something to do with that defeat.   Fred Barnes has a must-read art... More

Updated: Illinois Bishops to Meet with Gov. Pat Quinn in One Month

Recently the Illinois bishops, led by Francis Cardinal George, sent a letter to Gov. Quinn after he agreed to appear at a fundraiser and give out an award for the largest pro-abortion political group in the state – Personal PAC. Unsurprisingly, Personal PAC was influential in helping get Gov. Quinn elected in the first place. The bishops also used their letter as an opportunity to re-stat... More

Will the “Peoria Solution” Play? Why We Must Fight Against the Systematic Dismantling of Catholic Social Services

They have a saying in advertising which you may have heard, “Will it play in Peoria?” That question now confronts the Diocese of Peoria and Catholics everywhere when it was announced that Catholic Charities of Peoria, starting February 1st, will transfer most of its staff and all of its caseload of 330 children to a newly-created non-profit called “The Center For Youth and Family... More

Giving an award to a pro-abortion group is “the Christian thing to do” says Gov. Quinn

The Catholic bishops of Illinois condemned Gov. Pat Quinn, who professes to be Catholic, for agreeing to give an award to pro-abortion political group. In response to the criticism, Quinn doubled down. The Naperville Sun reports: Gov. Pat Quinn said Thursday he considers it “the proper, Christian thing to do” to present an abortion-rights group’s leadership award, sloughing off criticism f... More

IL Bishops Blast Gov. Quinn For Giving Pro-Abortion Award; Priest May Deny Him Communion

The bishops of Illinois, led by Cardinal George, have issued a strong statement in response to the news that Catholic governor Pat Quinn will grant an award at an event hosted by a pro-abortion political organization: We have recently been made aware of Governor Quinn’s decision to present a Pro-Choice Leadership Award at an upcoming event for a political organization known as Personal PAC. This... More

Obama Faith-Based Appointee Frets: Bishops Trying to “Impose Catholic Dogma on All U.S. Citizens”

There’s crazy …there’s nuts …and then there’s Huffington Post op-eds. What’s worse is that this particular example of Catholic-derangement syndrome, courtesy of the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, comes from a self-proclaimed “spiritual activist, pastor and lesbian” who was appointed by President Obama in 2011 to his White House Council on Faith Based and Nei... More

Bishop Jenky’s Rallying Call: State of Illinois “At War” with Catholic Community Over Same-Sex Adoptions

The recent news that the state of Illinois will terminate its contracts to do adoption and foster care through Catholic Charities should not be taken lying down. This happened as a direct result of the bad same-sex civil unions bill that went into law this June. A law that catholics (and other people) warned would result in, among other things, exactly this — Catholic Charities being forced ... More

Catholics were helping people long before the State of Illinois

As Thomas just noted, Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption and foster care fields. It is worth reminding everyone again that Catholics entered this field of charity long before the State of Illinois got involved. Then decades later politicians wanted to show how much they cared, so they spent our money to show voters that they were helping children. Boy, it made for great photo o... More

Catholic Gov. to Sign IL Civil Unions Law

Lest anyone is tempted to think all is well politically in America, look no further than Illinois.  In a shameless rushed lame-duck maneuver, the Illinois legislature rammed through a new law approving so called “civil unions” yesterday.  Even worse, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Catholic, helped strong arm legislators into passing the bill, and now intends to sign it. Newly instal... More



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