Journal of Medical Ethics Authors Advocate “After-Birth Abortion”

I am a hard man to shock. I’ve seen and heard a lot of things. I’ve known people who have been through practically every imaginable kind of suffering. And I’ve been slugging it out in the culture war since I was just a kid. But every now and then I get caught by surprise. What was it that left me so stunned? A commentary by Will Saletan at Slate entitled, “After-birth Abor... More

Todd Akin said something stupid. Barack Obama supports after-birth abortion. Which is worse?

Can anyone explain to me why Todd Akin deserves more condemnation than Barack Obama? Todd Akin, A congressman running for Senate who said something really stupid about rape and conception has pretty much dominated the news cycle lately and merited myriad calls for him to step aside. Akin was talking about whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape. As is true with many pro-lifers, he does... More



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