Beautiful: 10-yr-old with Downs Syndrome helps save 2-yr-old who fell into pool

This story had so much pick-up on AmP twitter yesterday that I had to share it with the blog community as well – the story was sent to me by an AmP reader who knows the family well: Grandma’s CPR revives drowning toddler One Wilbraham family very nearly lost a toddler who fell in the pool, nearly drowned, and had to be revived. It was a birthday pool party this family will never forge... More


Video: “Wisdom in God’s Country” – Wyoming Catholic Graduates First Class

Don’t you wish your college graduation was accompanied by a video this cool? Wyoming Catholic is America’s newest Catholic college, and I expect we are going to hear more and more good things about it in the years to come. From everything I’ve seen, WCC is an excellent example of the New Evangelization transforming Catholic higher ed. A friend writes about it: “The school ... More

Boy Without a Cerebellum Baffles Doctors

This story is so inspiring: Photo: NBC Heather and David Britton want everyone to understand a few things about their giggling, bespectacled 3-year-old son, Chase. “He’s happy. We call him the Little Gremlin. He loves to play tricks on people. He loves to sing. His goal in life is to make people smile,” Heather Britton told AOL News. “He’s got so much love around ... More


Homeless man with golden voice: “This time I have God”

It’s Saturday – time for some good news! Only three days earlier, the man with the golden voice had been panhandling along an Ohio highway, bearing a ragged cardboard sign that touted his “God-given” gift.” Despite the crack, the alcohol and the many years on the streets, Williams retains his golden voice, and gave thanks for it. “I always said, ‘God, you’ve never s... More


Pope Benedict on What CatholicVote Is

Reading through Pope Benedict’s book-length interview Light of the World a couple weeks ago, one of the pope’s responses jumped off the page at me [underlining mine]: Interviewer: A “culture of doubt” is very much in these days, and it has found a comfortable nest even in media outlets associated with the Church. In many cases, editors simply take over uncritically the slogans c... More

Video: Pope Benedict on the Unattractive Church

To read the words and listen to the voice of the Holy Father is to be brought into the presence of Jesus Christ. Witness this masterpiece of an answer the pope delivered to the following question aboard his flight to England last week: “The United Kingdom, like many other Western countries, is considered to be a secular State. There is a strong culturally-motivated atheist movement. Nonetheless,... More

Inspiration: Top Chef hangs up hat to try on Roman Collar

Some afternoon inspiration for good measure: Kenneth Smith had been a fixture in the highly rated Upperline Restaurant of New Orleans, Louisiana, where for the past 11 years he served as the executive chef. But after about two decades working there, he has moved out of the kitchen and into New Orleans’ Notre Dame Seminary, on his way to becoming a priest. CNN sat down this summer with Smith,... More

Georgia parish says: “Flip this NY Church!”

Catholic News Agency with this inspirational Monday-morning tale: A thriving parish in Georgia is relocating an entire historic church over 900 miles south from Buffalo, New York, rather than construct a new building for their community. With over 750 families and counting, Mary Our Queen in Norcross, Georgia recently outgrew its current building and is in dire need of additional facilities. On ... More



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