Reader: Democrat joins Ryan on Medicare reform, Newt drops 12 pts in Iowa, A new Doctor of the Church?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-OR Bipartisan support, finally! Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, teamed up with Oregon Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden on a new plan to reform Medicare. Wyden said it was time for conservatives and progressives to come together and “deal with the costs and demographic challenges.” It won’... More

Reader: Whistleblower says TX Planned Parenthood involved in fraud, Decline of civility in South, Obama’s reelect odds slide

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. New York Times blogger and number-cruncher Nate Silver, who is a liberal respected on both sides of the aisle for his election projections, says that “Obama has gone from a modest favorite to win re-election to, probably, a slight underdog.” Canon lawyer Ed Peters has some comments on... More

Double Standard: Media Goes After Marriage Group, Ignores Planned Parenthood’s Government-Funded Political Activity

Last week the Associated Press breathlessly announced that federal grant money given to the Iowa Family Policy Center (IFPC) may have helped support –gasp– political activity to protect the definition of marriage in Iowa state law. While unable to find any smoking gun or direct evidence that what the Iowa Family Policy Center did with its award money was illegal, the AP author Ryan Fol... More

It’s Not All War

Josh, I think “exerted our influence” can be more — or less than, rather — war. It can be support for dissidents. It can be a cultural exchange. It can be helping with rebuilding. It can be educational. Santorum’s shtick — arguably what contributed to his reelection defeat in 2006 — is that we are not taking the radical Islamic threat seriously enough. It’s a serio... More


Video: Rick Santorum’s Surprisingly Funny (and Pro-Big-Family) Ad

I skipped over this when I saw it first … I’m glad I decided to actually watch it: A Fox News blogger explains it just right: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he’s got the courage to do the impossible and that’s the reason Republicans should pick him to run against President Obama in 2012. “The Courage to Fight for America” is his campaign slogan, but ... More



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