Outrageous: DC’s Human Rights Office Investigating CUA After Anti-Catholic Prof. Claims Muslim “Human Rights” Violated

You can’t make this up — a liberal anti-Catholic professor complaining that a Catholic educational institution features Catholic symbols of faith — and our government duly investigating the frivolous complaint: The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights confirmed that it is investigating allegations that Catholic University violated the human rights of Muslim students by not... More

Reader: +Gomez warns religious liberty in peril, SF targets crisis pregnancy center, ‘Arab Winter’ for Christians?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Archbishop José Gomez penned a powerful piece in First Things on “our first freedom” – that of religious liberty. The archbishop of the nation’s largest diocese said: “There is much evidence to suggest that our society no longer values the public role of religion or recognizes the importance of re... More

The Dysfunctional Feminist Movement

When I was 25 years old, I lived in India for a summer. I came back to the US with a new appreciation for plumbing and the firm belief that American feminists were on the wrong continent. There was so much work to be done in the Third World to bring basic levels of equality to women and girls. Today, little has changed in the feminist priority list. While Western feminist “intellectuals” co... More


Reader: Robert George slams Cain, Catholic visions collide in Detroit, and Pawlenty gets a boost

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Well-respected Catholic scholar Robert George slammed presidential candidate Herman Cain for saying he would only hire a Muslim only after they have agreed to a degree of “loyalty proof” to the Constitution, a loyalty he would not demand of other faiths. Robert George has a strong reputation as... More

In Egypt, Christians and Muslims take turns defending each other

This is so inspirational – a true example of ecumenism and solidarity between faiths in action: “Depicted in this photo, an image from an anonymous source on the ground in Egypt, is a team of Egyptian Christians forming a massive human shield to protect their Muslim countrymen as they prayed during the violent protests yesterday. Beauty amid the chaos.” – GOOD.is And then... More


Islamic policeman shoots Christian women on Egyptian train

More violence against explicit Christian targets – this time young girls and women: Less than two weeks after a church bombing in Alexandria left 21 Coptic Christians dead, an off-duty policeman shot four Christians on a train, killing a 71-year-old man. A fifth person was also wounded. “This lunatic went up and down the coach looking for Christians,” said Coptic Orthodox Bishop Morco... More

Pope vs. Imam: “No war may be waged in God’s name”

I was wrapping up my time at home when news broke that a Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt had been suicide-bombed on Christmas Eve. One of the disturbing after effects of the attack has not only been Muslim-Christian riots and disturbances in Egypt, as well as fears among other Coptic communities of copycat attacks, but also the choice of an Egyptian Imam to criticize the Holy Father for express... More


BREAKING: Smithsonian Shows Depiction of Mohammed Being Eaten By Ants. “Muslim World” Erupts.

Now that I’ve got your attention, can. you. imagine. the reaction if that headline were accurate? Nuns running AIDS hospices in Africa would become targets. Fatwas and strongly worded condemnations would stream from every corner. Hearings would be had. Greta would be on the tube 24/7 trying to get to the bottom of it. Mr. Smithson would be Olbermann’s Worst Person Ever, posthumously. T... More

Urgent: Papal plea to save Asia Bibi, and how we can help

UPDATE – TAKE ACTION NOW AT THE CATHOLICVOTE ACTION CENTER. Today Pope Benedict made his own the international outcry for the Muslim government in Pakistan to spare the life of Asia Bibi: Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian who, following a discussion with some Muslim colleagues, was accused by the latter of having pronounced offensive words against the Prophet Mohammed and denounced to... More

Outrageous: Muslim man arrested for dancing on altar of Florence’s Basilica

This boils my blood. Apparently a Muslim man brought a boom-box to the Basilica of Florence, turned on Michael Jackson’s song “Bad”, and began dancing on the high altar. Here is the video. Details beyond this are sketchy, but one report I found in Italian mentioned something about the man praying in Arabic constantly after he was detained in a cell. I realize there is a possibil... More



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